KIAN EK Company Overview


KIAN EK has become one of the industry champions for the design, development and manufacture of the innovative range of wooden bodies, box vans, tipping bodies, trailers, curtainsiders, and rigid vehicle bodies.

Established in 1979, in Muar, Johore — Malaysia, KIAN EK began by manufacturing wooden-cargo and box vans commercial vehicle bodies. Initially KIAN EK was operating as a sole-proprietor founded by Mr Ong Chin Wah, and then incorporated into a private limited company later in 1985 under the company name of Pembuat Badan-Badan Kenderaan Kian Ek Sdn. Bhd. (company registration number of 140446-V). Through the years, KIAN EK has increased its commercial vehicles bodies ranges by offering complicated truck bodies building like tippers (dump trucks) and trailers.

KIAN EK’s engineering expertise and manufacturing experience have made them better understand customer’s requirements. In 1996, KIAN EK expanded its operation and moved to the current manufacturing plant to meet the increasing complicated customer’s requirements and demands. The new manufacturing plant is located on an area of approximately 3 acres and is equipped with complete machineries including an Automatic Roller Conveyor Sand Blasting Machine, Wood Kiln-Dry Machine, Full-Size Overhead Crane, Various Functions’ Metal Stamping Machines, and etc.

It is this customer-centric culture that has earned KIAN EK a great reputation in producing outstanding quality truck bodies. The ongoing commitment to innovate has shortened the production lead time while maintaining the same quality.

KIAN EK’s foundation is unique — a strong team with innovative engineering experience. They are able to provide not only specialist vehicles but a carefully engineered process to produce large quantities of trailers and rigid bodywork required by major hauliers, logistics companies and other retailers alike.