Quality Assurance

Committed to Quality . Committed to You

Outstanding quality products have earned KIAN EK a stellar reputation. For over 30 years, we have been committing to client’s satisfaction by constantly improving our processes, machineries and skills.

Here we proof to you how serious are we in our commitment to produce the best quality truck bodies:

1. Automatic Roller Conveyor Sand Blasting Machine

Our steels are cleansed by using sand blasting machine to remove steels’ surface contaminants. These contaminants may have chemical reaction to environment and paint, which that will cause the steel to corrode and lost its strength. Hence a sand blasted steels will maintain its strength, keep it last longer and require lesser maintenance cost.

2. Corrosion-resistant Coating Paint

All our steels are protected with a layer of corrosion-resistant coating paint — a base paint underneath the exterior finish. This coating protects steels from oxidation and chemical attack that result in steel rust. With the coating, our products can last longer from damaging environment, reduce maintenance cost (direct cost) and protect cargo from damaged truck’s body due to corrosion (indirect cost).

3. Wood Kiln-Dry Machine

Woods that are left to dry in the open environment usually cause unequal shrinkage in the wood, even more if the drying process occurs too rapidly it could damage to the wood. Our woods are dried and preserved under a controlled kiln-dry machine. This kind of wood helps maintain our woods quality — creating a stronger and longer lasting wooden bodies.

4. Overhead Crane

All heavy steel-works are handled by an overhead crane fixed in our manufacturing plant. This overhead crane allows us to produce extra-fine steel-works faster and easier.