Curtainsided Trailers

Why KIAN EK Curtainsided Trailers

The KIAN EK Curtainsided Trailers gives you a quick and easy loading of huge cargo while protecting it with the box type body.

The sides of the curtainsided box vans are mounted with movable curtains made of reinforced fabric coated with waterproof coating — giving you security and weather resistance logistic solutions. Not only that, the fully opened side curtains gives you ease of loading especially for extra large cargo.

We use high quality heavy-duty curtains and sandblasted plus corrosion-free coated subframes. This ensure you an excellent return on investment with low maintenance of a long-lasting curtainsided trailers.

  • Sandblasted and corrosion-free coated subframes
  • High quality heavy-duty curtains
  • Optional wooden/steel side railing
  • Optional Buckleless Curtain System
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Higher residual values
  • Greater body strength
  • Low maintenance