Why KIAN EK Trailers

The KIAN EK Trailers give you maximum cargo capacity per truck with excellent return on investment. We use sandblasted and corrosion-free paint steels to build our trailers — strengthening the frames and gives you a long-lasting cargo bodies.

Learn how our sand-blasting machine save you thousand of ringgits

Not only that, our kiln-dry machine preserve the wood into a highly durable wooden frames, making our trailers into a strong and heavy-duty trucks on the road.

  • Greater body strength
  • Low maintenance
  • Single, Tandem, Tri-Axle, or Quad Axle options
  • Customizable body
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Higher residual values
  • Maximise your operational efficiency

Type of Trailers

We manufacture a complete range of trailers that match your unique requirements: