Why KIAN EK’s truck bodies?

1. Save Money

KIAN EK has been producing high quality truck bodies that last longer and require lesser maintenance. Our products also provide protection and avoid damages to your cargo while transporting due to defective or weak truck bodies. This means that you can stretch your every single dollar saving from lesser maintenance cost and replacement fees for damaging cargo.

2. Increase Profit

Our innovative and flexible approach allow fast cargo loading & unloading — maximizing your operational efficiency and profitability.

3. Quality Products

We produce highly durable truck bodies that promise you with longer lasting cargo solutions. The durable truck bodies increase your profit by staying longer in service. See how our processes and machineries prove what we have been preaching to save you money:

4. Fast Production

Our efficient manufacturing processes and available machineries provide fast production of quality products. The speed is very important to our customers. You can earn a premium profit by getting the truck earlier.

5. Reliable Manufacturer

Our existence in this market for more than 30 years proves our commitment to you.