Stretch your money with the low-cost wooden cargo

Why KIAN EK Wooden Bodies

The KIAN EK Wooden Bodies provide low cost cargo solutions with superior value for all level of business. The wood we use is preserved in kiln-dry machine that gives you a stronger and longer lasting wooden frame bodies.

Learn how our kiln-dry machine save the maintenance cost of your wooden truck

KIAN EK has more than thirty years experience in building wooden bodies, you will be amazed by our fast productions speed and at the same time, we are able to maintain high quality build of the wooden bodies.

Standard Wooden Bodies

Standard wooden bodies is a simple yet efficient cargo solution. It is best used for short distance goods or tools transportation. The open style cargo bodies and easy latching mechanism allow you to easily load and unload any types of goods.

The standard wooden bodies comes with optional wooden or iron side railing which is used to protect extra height goods or tools. Please look at our products gallery below for products example.


The wooden bodies can be customized with add-on accessories as listed below:

Each add-on is designed and built for your unique application requirement.